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Kleen Springs provides 25 years of safe soft wash roof cleaning service in Winter Springs, FL, Altamonte, Oviedo, Sanford, & Orlando, FL. We specialize in exterior cleaning, driveway, walkways, exterior buildings, and more with a highly-detailed focus on complete removal of mold, mildew, algae, dirt, and debris from residential and commercial properties. Our clients love us because of our straight-forward approach of our safe diluted bleach based roof cleaners which remove algae and moss, dirt and algae safely and effectively. Also, our high-quality tile and asphalt roof cleaning methods, affordable pricing, complete customer satisfaction, and warranties on all our work. The result? We have earned a perfect 5-Star rating on Google & Kleen Springs Facebook Page

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Kleen Springs is where property owners in Winter Springs, Orlando, FL look to for the best roof cleaning services and soft wash roof pressure washer services. We provide the highest quality service in the industry in removing dirt, mold, algae, and mildew from the exterior of your property completely, increasing the energy efficiency of your property.

We plan to maintain your the roof of your property for years to come. We will always strive to extend the life of your roofing and the curb appeal of your home, using the latest and safest cleaning systems in the industry.We have been serving Winter Springs, Altamonte, Oviedo, Sanford and Orlando, FL for over 25 years as the best rated company with a 5-Star reputation on Google in outstanding customer service and complete satisfaction, guaranteed. Hire the right pro today!

Google Rating
"I'm always amazed of their professional roof cleaning process, no high pressure washing, no damage, just a squeaky clean roof that looks brand new again!"
Pressure Cleaning Services Winter Springs FL
Carmen Colon
Altamonte Springs, Florida
"I was referred to Kleen Springs more than 20 years ago, nothing but a great job by their roof cleaning services! best professionals in their field."
pressure washing winter springs
Alexis Goodman
Winter Springs, Florida
"Top notch roof cleaning company in Altamonte Springs. Every time my shingle roof is cleaned all the neighbors ask how I keep it looking great all year-round!"
pressure washing service orlando
Nicole Knight
Altamonte Springs, Florida
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Asphalt shingle algae stained roofs impact your energy cost because of moisture retention and reflective loss.

With extra heat accumulation, you cause air conditioning system to work more than it should be.

Our shingle roof service remove mold, mildew, and algae without use of high-pressure.


Many other tile cleaning companies push alternative approaches, techniques and cleaning solutions that have were practiced years ago. 

However,  they are now deemed dangerous.

For over 25 years, we’ve perfected our tile cleaning services that leave you with the best looking tile roof without damage.


With our industry leading and environmentally safe cleaning chemicals, we don’t need high-pressure cleaning to strip away the ugly grime as other companies in Winter Springs & Altamonte Springs.

Our cleaning solution guarantees complete removal of even the nastiest growth on metal roofing.


Your questions, our answers.

Multiple factors directly influence the cost of getting your roof cleaned.

Location: Roof type varies based on area and, the typical roof cleaning costs is usually anywhere from $450-$875.

If your property is an immense size, where your quote could be well into the thousands.

Climate: An unusual environment could affect the cost of cleaning your roof no matter the roof quality. 

With extreme weather conditions, especially in Orlando, Florida, extra precautions are required.

The protection of your landscape and extra watering of plants needs to be number one priority when it comes to chemical roof cleaning.

Condition: The blacker and more streaked the roof is, it will require more roof cleaning chemical.

A roof that is well-maintained will keep the cost to clean a roof a lot lower than the price of roof cleaning for extreme mold and mildew roofing.

Complexity: Larger roofs, as well as those with a more complex design, usually result in a higher cost of cleaning.

High pitched, or detailed cut-ups require more workforce and specific equipment.

Providing much-needed caution and security during the cleaning process in order to keep your property fully protected.

Debris: Large roofs that are overlooked by trees and tall plants causes your shelter to harbor leaves and much more waste than roofing without tall trees.

Also, meaning they are a more fertile ground for moss, mildew, and algae because they lack direct sunlight. 

The implication of this is that the professional roof cleaning service ensures an extra cost for materials and expertise.

Gutters: Consequently, with the design of your roof having a significant role to play in the overall cost of your roof cleaning.

If your property has drains which give your landscape extra protection from roof cleaning chemicals, not as much time is required in waters plants.

Overall roof cleaning cost that influence your total roof cleaning price depends on the multiple factors, such as:

  • Roof size
  • Roof type
  • Roof contours
  • Roof recesses
  • Property Gutters
  • Climate
  • Roof condition
  • Amount of Landscape

All of which attract extra cleaning logistics, or roof cleaning process will ultimately reflect in the price of roof cleaning.

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