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Why Our House Washing Serivces?

Any surface or substrate on your home can be washed — including wood, concrete, vinyl, composite, and more. No two properties are the same. However, no matter the surface, we have the perfect customized house washing service solution tailored to your property. From soffit, facia, siding and trim to decks and patios, we have washed it all.

Our House Washing Process:

Depending on your property type, Kleen Springs uses multiple methods to wash your home: soft wash or hand wash and low-pressure washing which is proven to highly productive. We use a soft washing process for wooden and delicate surfaces.

Benefit #1:


Our soft house wash service eliminates the number of allergens in and around your home.

Also, reducing the chance of the toxins spreading into your home — leaving your property with a higher chance the toxins entering your property, leading to coughing, sneezing and with watery eyes.

Our customized blend of biodegradable chemical house wash solution removes allergens, kills algae and fungus, and protects against the harmful bacteria from entering.

Benefit #2:

Curb Appeal

No matter the surface, soft washing your home is the best way to get rid of mold, mildew and stains on the siding of your property.

A fresh look is a great way to feel pride in your home and is a way to contribute to your neighbourhood’s community.

Benefit #3:


With our prices being extremely affordable, house washing will help you with maintaining and increasing your property’s value. A lot of our clients that are realtors say that their property’s value has increased after receiving our exterior cleaning services.

If you are looking to put your property on the market, you can increase the price and make a faster sell when your home is presentable after receiving our house washing services — 100 % guaranteed.

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