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Orlando's Professional Driveway Cleaning Service Since 2008.

Why Our Driveway Cleaning Serivces?

Our highly trained technicians, along with our commercial-grade driveway cleaning service equipment have the skills, experience, and power required to tackle any concrete driveway, commercial or residential. With our driveway cleaning machines, no job is to tough to have those stubborn stains and toxins removed from your driveway quickly and easily.

Our Driveway Cleaning Process:

We use the top-of-the-line commercial-grade equipment on the market and apply a safe pressure with special blend of biodegradable driveway cleaning post-treatment agents to each surface after the first layer of dirt, mold, and mildew has been power washed and removed. We then apply the driveway cleaner to restore your driveway back to like-new condition.

Benefit #1:


Attempting a D-I-Y pressure washing job can be extremely time-consuming, especially when you don’t have the proper equipment and you are putting your safety and that of your property at risk.

Without appropriate training, you risk injuring yourself or damaging your driveway by using the wrong water temperature, water pressure, or cleaning agents.

You don’t have to worry about any of this, give Kleen Springs professional driveway cleaning services a call and let our technicians take care of the hard work for you!

With over ten years of experience and our 100% customer satisfaction rating, contact us, and we will make sure your driveway and curb appeal of your home will look the way it’s supposed to look.

Benefit #2:


The quality of services only look expensive, but they are way more affordable than you think. We even go the extra mile by using concrete driveway cleaning chemical that other pressure washing companies don’t use, or will also charge you extra.

Compared to the time and money it would take to buy or rent a pressure washer to clean your driveway, our professional driveway cleaning service are far less expensive — in far less time.

Benefit #3:


With commercial-grade customized concrete cleaning equipment, we can clean deeper and faster than you could on your own or traditional pressure washers.

Also, you’ll gain the advantage of our expertise when it comes to choosing proper cleaning agents, eliminating several kinds of blemishes such as gum, tannin, dirt, mold, algae, mildew, and rust stains without any damage to your driveway.

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